In our continuous effort to enhance your experience, we're excited to announce the integration of two new payment gateways – NMI and – alongside our existing support for Stripe in the Affiliate Manager. This guide will walk you through the process of integrating these gateways, setting a default, and managing payments seamlessly.


Step 1: Navigate to Integrations:

  • Head to the "Integration" tab within the Payments Module.

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Gateway

  • Choose and integrate your preferred payment gateway(s) from the available options – NMI,, or Stripe.
    • NMI: Learn more about configuring NMI integration here.
    • Discover the steps for integration here.

Step 3: Setting a Default Gateway

  • After integration, set your preferred gateway as default for streamlined operations.

Important Note: 
Automated Payouts: Automated payouts are currently in development.
Payments are currently a manual process, and administrators need to handle them outside the system.

Step 4: Setting Up Products and Funnels

  • After integration, proceed to create products in the Payments section.
  • Follow this guide to seamlessly integrate products into your funnels or websites.

Step 5: Utilizing Funnels/Websites for Affiliate Campaigns

  • Follow this guide to create your first Affiliate campaign for your products.
  • After your campaign is live and your commissions start coming in , you can manage Payouts that are the applicable amount that the affiliate owner needs to distribute to their affiliates for every sale made.

Step 6: Managing Payouts

  • Approval and Export: After approval in the Pending tab, export affiliate names and owed amounts.
  • Payment Gateway Upload:Upload the export to your payment gateway (NMI/
  • Marking Payouts as 'Paid': Once payment is made, mark the affiliate payouts as 'Paid' in the system.
  • To learn more about how to manage payouts and commissions, click here