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Welcome to the latest feature in the GoHighLevel community—Member Approval Questions! This powerful tool allows you to streamline your community membership process and ensure that new members align with your community's goals. Below, we'll guide you through the steps to effectively use Member Approval Questions.

As an admin/ owner of a group, you can choose to ask a set of questions to members who request to join the group

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Getting started

  1. Accessing Member Approval Questions:
    To access member questions, Go to Settings > Member Questions

  2. Enabling Member Approval Questions:
    To enable the member questions, just toggle it on from the Enable Member Questions button. Once enabled, member will receive questions to answer, that are added here

Creating approval questions

  1. Adding questions:
    To add member questions, click on Add Questions. Maximum 3 questions can be added here 
    For every options that are added, each option should be unique

  2. Choosing question types:
    Choose the appropriate question type - Text Box, Single Select, Multi Select

Managing member responses

  1. Accessing responses:
    Admins/Owners of groups should regularly check and manage responses from the People Tab > Requested Filter

  2. Approving/ Rejecting a Membership:
    To accept or reject a membership, admins/owners go to Requested filter > showing all members who requested to join. Click on the 3 dots > Membership Answers > Approve or Decline as per the relevant answers