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We've introduced powerful triggers and actions related to group access, allowing you to seamlessly manage and automate group interactions.

By leveraging workflow triggers, you can streamline community management and enhance user experience.

Granting Group Access 

Trigger: User Joins the Community

Action: Grant Group Access

Workflow Steps:

Trigger: User joins the Community

Action: Grant Group Access

Revoking Group Access
Trigger: Group Access revoked

Scenario: Revoke group access for a user

  • Workflow Steps:

    Trigger: User Leaves the Community

    Action: Revoke Group Access

Creating Workflows

To create a workflow for granting or revoking group access:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow Builder
  2. Click on "Create a Workflow."
  3. Choose the relevant trigger type (e.g., Group access granted or Group access revoked).
  4. Configure trigger details and add subsequent steps to grant or revoke group access.
  5. Test your workflow to ensure it works as expected.
  6. Save and activate your workflow.

Best Practices

  • Clearly define the criteria for granting and revoking group access.
  • Test your workflows in a controlled environment before activation.
  • Regularly review and update workflows based on community dynamics.