Not all chat widgets are created equally. After carefully reviewing all of the feedback we have received, we are excited to release our new Conversation-Based HighLevel Support Widget. This is the widget you open when you want to chat with HighLevel Support regarding a new Support request with HighLevel. Complete with NEW features like real-time typing indicators, dynamic estimated wait times, sound notifications, and more!... This is an exciting time to be a HighLeveler. 

See below to learn how to properly set up this new widget for your account and review all of the great new features it brings to your HighLevel Support Chat Experience.

What is Covered in this Article:

Action Required: Clear your browser cache now to ensure you can chat with HighLevel Support.

A Whole New Support Experience with the improved Conversation-Based Widget (Features and overview)

Action Required: Clear your browser cache now to ensure you can chat with HighLevel Support.

You must complete the setup of your new HighLevel Support Widget by clearing your browser cache now. This will ensure the optimal performance of the new widget whenever you go to begin a new chat with HighLevel Support. See directions below.

To clear the cache, please paste the following URL in your preferred browser. 

Google Chrome: chrome://settings/siteData
Microsoft Edge: edge://settings/clearBrowswer
Mozilla Firefox:
Apple Mac Safari:
Don't see your browser here? Please Google search "clearing cache" and include the name of your browser to locate further instructions on how to clear your cookies/cache.

Your browser saves information to make sites load faster - which is great except for when we update your HighLevel App for you. When we release an update for your HighLevel App (like this new Support Widget) your browser information is now different than what is on the HighLevel Backend. This can cause a decrease in performance or even widget failure.
Please take a moment to finish setting up the new Support Widget by clearing your browser cache.

A Whole New Support Experience with the improved Conversation-Based Widget (Features and overview)

  • New Features
    • :alarm_clock: Current Wait Times - now the widget will calculate the current after-agent response time and display this to the client.
    • :loud_sound: Sound and Desktop Notifications for Clients on Agent Reply to Clients.
    • :white_check_mark: In-App Notifications for Agent Replies to Chat Client Appear Automatically in the Bottom Right of the HighLevel App and now stay until dismissed by the client.
    • :three_button_mouse:Quick Reply and Launch the Chat Widget - Respond quickly from the notification prompt without opening the widget and get back to work... Or, click on the new In-App Agent Notification dialogues to deploy the widget instantly! 
    • :speech_balloon: Real-Time Agent and Client Typing Indicators - now clients can see when agents are typing, as well as agents now can see client typing indicators when the client is typing.
    • "Back" button - now clients can go back, where possible, to the previous stage in the bot flow - instead of having to "restart" the whole bot. Helpful when misclicking or reconsidering flow options.

  • Other Enhancements
    • Fewer Words - we've reduced the message length of many bot responses while not taking away from necessary details.
    • Fewer Steps (chat flows) - you will find a completely new and improved flow for Support Requests, which means less time talking with a bot and more time talking to a Support agent!
    • Choose Your Product Area - Now you will be able to self-select your way to the right agent, specialized in the exact area you need assistance with. 
    • New Agent Chat Summary - How much faster would your requests be resolved if your Support Agent had everything you shared with the Support Bot, in a simple-to-understand summary? While you will never see this summary, our agents can and they LOVE the fact they can quickly understand your issue to help you resolve your request even faster. Just remember, the more detailed you are in providing the information, the faster we can understand and serve you!
    • Numerous other small flow fixes and enhancements to the Support Chat experience...

Have some feedback or want to learn how to contact HighLevel Support 24/7 via phone or chat? Visit to learn more!