Want a Faster Resolution Time? (Why this Matters to You)

 In short, when we have the correct part of the product and a detailed outline of the issue, you receive the fastest resolution time possible. With this information, we automatically route you to a specialized agent, a subject matter expert in that product area. 

Covered in this Article:

Choosing the Right Label for Your New Support Request

The flow of these questions mirrors what you see in your HighLevel App. So it's helpful to visualize how you arrive at this module or part of the HighLevel App so we can route you to the correct Support Agent. This will help us resolve your requests in the fastest way possible.

For example: If you are in a location looking at automation, you would then select "Sub-Account/Location View" when prompted in the chatbot. Then select "Automation" and then select "Workflows" on the final prompt. 

Pretend you are navigating to the part of the app you need assistance with for the first time. This will allow us to place you with a specialized agent resulting in a faster resolution time for you!

Choosing Between Agency or Location View

See the section below to understand how to select between Agency and Location Level Views. 
Remember, imagine you are logging into the app for the first time, click the navigation options in the app to land in the part of the app you currently need assistance with. We use this to place you with a specialized agent. Otherwise, you will be placed with a non-specialized agent, and the resulting time could be impacted.

Agency View Explained 

When you first log into your HighLevel App as an agency owner, you are looking at the Agency View. Please take a look at the image below as an example. This is before you click into a Sub-Account.

Notice the sidebar highlighted by the red square; this will reveal the new prompt option after selecting "Agency View."

Sub-Account/ Location View Explained 

Any time you click into a Sub-Account (also called a location), you are within a Sub-Account/Location View. 
See the image below.

Notice the green square in the image below, showing the menu options. These will be your options after selecting the Location View Prompt.

Each option under the Location View has another sub-menu within it that you will need to select as well.

Another Perspective: Agency and Location View Options Explained via Spreadsheets

For those who need another example or for our spreadsheet lovers, this is for you! Below we've created a spreadsheet to show all options under Agency View and Location View. It will reveal a list of all Agency and Location Level Menu Options as seen below.

Agency Level View Options

Location Level View Options

See the example of how to navigate and see the options per Location Option.