Social Planner lists all the social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and GMB. Every social account have different expiry token timelines. If your Social Account is disconnected, then publishing and analysing content for your page and account will come to a halt. That is why make sure that all your social accounts' access is authorised. When you authorise a page, the access token is automatically created. 

Each social media platform's authorisation has a different expiration date. For instance, 
Linkedin has 60 days and Facebook has 90 days limit. Conversely, other networks do not have any expiration time. It is necessary for the users to reconnect the account based on notification or by visiting the Social Planner settings.

How will we get notified if the social account token is expired?

When the social account token's gets expired, the user will get notified based on their user selected and number of days the email will go out to the user mentioned about reconnecting the mentioned social account.

If the user after setup is completed, it will send to the users and email reminders. If there are changes made to number of day for reminder after initial setup, it will be applicable for next time when the social account gets expired.