Unlock the power of your agency branded Zapier connection with our exclusive whitelabelling feature! 

Please note that this add-on is not included in our $97, $297, or $497 plans, but can be easily accessed in our marketplace. Simply head to Agency View > Marketplace to start customizing your c today!

In terms of making your Zapier public, the steps are listed below. This process can take 3-6 weeks minimum and will only start once payment has been received. Please get in touch with the WhiteLabel Account Manager, Derrick, to continue making your WhiteLabel Zap public.  Thank you!

Here is the Process: (Process takes 3-6 weeks minimum)

* We need to set up the API for the client - Technical Team Involvement

* We need to initial trigger and actions to remove the errors - Product Team Involvement

* The zaps go for review - 2 weeks max

* Post-approval, we need to fill out the form and create 10 zap templates - Product Team Involvement

* User needs to get 50 live users on public zap (No timeline); until then, it stays in beta and is visible to the public.

Pricing Breakdown:

- Zapier Whitelabel App is $50/mo

- Whitelabel App & Zapier is $1491 per quarter or $4970 per year

Relevant Docs

White Label the Android App

White Label the iPhone App