Google is currently deprecating the conversions API to a newer one. Our setup guide is subject to change throughout this process. Updates will be provided below 

Google Adwords Call Tracking Conversions Guide

Head into your Google Adwords account and click on the Tools and Settings tab

Click on Conversions in Tools and Settings

Next step is to click the "+ NEW CONVERSION ACTION"

To start tracking conversions, we need to choose the import option.

Select "Other data sources or CRMs"

If you are using a number pool with MORE than ONE number please select "Track conversions from clicks" ⁣

If you are using a number pool with ONLY ONE number please select  "Track conversion from calls"

Next, lets setup you conversions goals

For the Goal and action optimization section below select "Converted Lead" as the 

Primary option.

Next Lets Give Your Conversion a Name

Please type in the name of your conversion. In this example we are calling it "GHL Click". 

Once you have completed this step please copy and paste your conversion name 

somewhere close. This will be used in a workflow trigger on the last step of this guide.

Please Note:

The conversion name will need to be spelled the EXACT same when setting up your Google AdWords action in the Workflow builder (last step).

Select the value for your conversion. 

Select from: same, different or don't use a value... More info

Next step is to select the count, we would recommend to always choose one

Now lets setup the conversion window and attribution model 

1. Set the click-through conversion window to "90 days"

2. Next, set the Attribution model as "First click" or "Latest click" (recommended)... more info

Now lets create the Workflow in the System

Step 1: Create the workflow and select your "Call status trigger"

Make sure to add your workflow trigger filters: 

  • Call Direction > Incoming
  • In Number Pool > [Select Number Pool] 

Step 2: Click on the plus icon then select "add to Google AdWords" event and select "Other".

Please paste the "Conversion Name" that was created in Google Adwords exactly as it is spelled

In our example above we used "GHL Click"

Please Note:

Every time you create a new campaign in Google, you will need to select "other" as your Google Adwords option in your new workflow. 

It will take 24 hours once we receive one contact with UTM source and gclid to get the list populated in workflow trigger as well as in Google Adwords Conversion. 

Step 3: Please click "Save" and "Publish" your workflow


Q1) I have setup my conversions now how do I know its working? ⁣

Currently there is no way to test this event. You can always check your workflow action and check out the history tab⁣


Q2) Where can I see my conversions?⁣

It will take 24 hours exactly to get the list populated in trigger/workflow as well as in Google Adword Conversion. ⁣

Within the 24hour window you can check the workflow history⁣