Google has spent more than a decade building the world's fastest content distribution network (CDN) and we're thrilled to have early access.

To activate the Level0 CDN for your funnels & websites:

Step 1 - In your domain's DNS, update your CNAME Records to point to point to and update your A Records to point to

Step 2 - Navigate to Settings > Domains, delete your domain, then re-add the domain. 

Please Note:

New SSL certificate provision can take up to 1 hour.

It can take up to 5 minutes to clear the funnel/website’s global cache when viewing it live on the domain

You can view page updates immediately by using the preview link

How to edit your domain settings within the system

1. Click on the location settings

Click on Settings

3. Click on Domains

Click on Domains

4. Click on Trash can icon to delete your domain.

Please re-add your domain now

Click on highlight