1. Log into your app.

2. Click on the blue question button

Click on the blue question button

3. Click on Live Chat

Click on Live Chat

4. Click Support button

Click Support button

5. Enter your support request

For the fastest resolution, please provide as much detail about the issue as possible... 

Enter your support request


Q1: I'm not seeing the Blue Question button in my dashboard

The blue question button and its features will only be visible to users logged in as a "Agency Admin" or "Agency User".

Please Note:

"SaaS Users" or "location User" will not see the blue question mark button, this is strictly for HighLevel customers. 

Editing User Permissions:

(Image below) if you would like to edit your user permissions please head into:  

1. Click on Agency Settings 

2. (1) Click on the Team Tab >> (2) Search for user >> (3) Click "Edit" >> User Roles