What is the reason we need to add new details to Google Analytics?

We have enabled agency users to get the data from anywhere to google analytics in workflows/triggers We are passing things like tracking ID, event category, event action and event label, event value. They need to set this up by click tags with the dynamic values. 

Reasons for passing new details

1. The details that we pass to Google Analytics are static like direct for utm_source 

2. User wants to get source and medium gathered from url of forms or survey or sites etc, although we are passing the direct and none. 

3. Google Analytics has introduced GA4 , we need to add property id if someone complies with GA4


How does it work?

When a user selects the option in trigger or action as add to google analytics. Here's the new set of fields that will visible. 

1. Tracking id/property id

2. Event Category

3. Event Action

4. Event label

5. Event value

We follow a set of rules to categorize traffic into a specific source, and checks the full page URL and the referring domain, if available, against these rules. The details about rules and sources for tracking are given in the table below. 

NOTE - If you have set both utm_medium and utm_source, we will use them and if any one them is not available, we will categorize them according to the below given table.

NOTE - We will be passing gclid (Google Click Identifier) to recognise each unique clicks.