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Understanding the difference between the two appointment triggers and when to use one vs the other.

When {{appointment.start_time}} or any other appointment custom values are not showing

Or When the appointment reminder campaign is not firing properly according to the appointment start time:

We will need the Appointment or Customer booked appointment trigger in order for the {{appointment.start_time}} or any other appointments custom values to show up.

If you use the Pipeline stage changed as the trigger, HL won't know which appointment it is.

If you need to manually add the lead to the Appointment Reminder Campaign, you will need to select the appointment start time as the event start date.


To reschedule manually, you could go to the Appointments tab on the right and switch Confirmed to Reschedule. This will automate the process of removing the leads out of the original appointment reminder campaign and re-adding them to the appointment reminder campaign again with the new appointment time.

If you want your leads to be able to reschedule themselves, you could choose the reschedule link from the Custom Values in the appointment reminder campaign: