Follow the step below to access agency billing:

  1. Click Settings on the agency view.
  2. Click Agency Billing.

1. Update Payment Method

Follow the steps below to update your payment method:

  1. Type in the new card number in the Credit card number fieldĀ 
  2. Type in the credit card expiration date and CVC on the right.
  3. Click Save.
  • The new payment method will take effect on the next billing cycle.
  • HighLevel is a prepaid service.
  • Ex: You update payment method on February 14th and your billing cycle resets on the 16th. We will charge the new payment method on the 16th which grants you HighLevel services for the time period of February 16th to March 16th.

2. View Billing History

On the bottom of the page you will see your account's billing history.

3. Download Invoice PDFs

Click the Eye icon on the right side of an invoice under Billing History to download a PDF copy of the invoice.