The "Add Leads under an Affiliate" action in workflows empowers you to seamlessly add leads under specific affiliate campaigns and affiliates, streamlining the process of lead management and rewarding affiliates. This powerful feature not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy, driving better results and higher engagement.


What is the "Add Leads under an Affiliate"  Action in Workflows?

The Add Leads under an Affiliate action in workflows allows you to add leads under a specific affiliate campaign and affiliate. With this action, you can specify the affiliate campaign and then choose the affiliates within that campaign under whom you want to add the new lead.

What are some good usage cases for this?

Here are some excellent usage cases for the "Add Leads under an Affiliate" action in workflows:

Reward Lead Generation: Use this action to add a lead when someone fills out a form, survey, or calendar. Subsequently, use the "Manual Sales" action to assign a manual sale and generate commissions for the sale. This allows users to reward affiliates for generating leads and provide commissions for successful sales.

Custom Lead Nurturing: Automatically assign leads to affiliates for targeted nurturing and follow-up. Affiliates can then engage with the leads, providing personalized communication to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Simplify Administrative Tasks: Reduce the manual effort involved in assigning leads to affiliates by automating the process, saving time and minimizing errors in lead allocation.

How to use this action?

Select "Add Leads under an Affiliate" action

Choose the Affiliate Campaign and Affiliates

Select the affiliate campaign from the dropdown. Post this the affiliate dropdown will only show the affiliates that are added in the selected campaign.