The "Add Manual Sales For An Affiliate" action in workflows empowers you to efficiently manage and assign manual sales for specific affiliates within selected campaigns. By automating this process, commissions are calculated according to the campaign's default settings, ensuring accurate and timely rewards for your affiliates. This feature is designed to streamline your workflow, enhance commission tracking, and provide greater flexibility in managing affiliate-driven sales.


Please Note:

This action only adds a manual sales for an affiliate, the commission will be calculated as per the selected affiliate campaign's default commission settings.

What is the "Add Manual Sales For An Affiliate"  Action in Workflows?

The Add Manual Sales For An Affiliate action in workflows allows you to assign manual sales for specific affiliate in the selected affiliate campaigns. After the action the commissions will be calculated according to the campaign's default commission settings and get assigned to the affiliate accordingly

What are some good usage cases for this?

Here are some excellent usage cases for the "Add Leads under an Affiliate" action in workflows:

Automate Recurring Manual Commissions: Automatically assign manual sales and commissions to an affiliate on a periodic basis. This is particularly useful for recurring sales that occur outside the system or are not tracked by the system, ensuring affiliates receive their commissions consistently.

Track Offline Sales: Capture and credit sales made offline or through channels not tracked by GHL. By automating manual sales entries, you ensure that all affiliate-driven sales are accounted for, enhancing the accuracy of your commission tracking.

Reward Affiliate Engagement: Automatically add manual sales to recognize and reward affiliates for non-monetary contributions or specific achievements. This can include actions like attending training sessions, providing exceptional customer support, or generating high-quality leads.

How to use this action?

Select "Add Manual Sales For An Affiliate" action

Choose the Affiliate Campaign and Affiliate

Select the affiliate campaign from the dropdown. Post this the affiliate dropdown will only show the affiliates that are added in the selected campaign.

Enter the Revenue and other details

Enter the amount of sales/revenue of the transaction for the affiliate.

Optionally add the Event date for the sale (the date when the sale happened) and Event ID (referenceID, transaction ID)

Save Action