The Sub-Affiliate Sign-Up feature enables affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates independently by sharing sign-up links. This functionality streamlines the onboarding process, providing affiliates with greater autonomy and visibility of their sub-affiliate network.


Please Note:

1. Forms used for sub-affiliate sign-ups must include First Name, Last Name, and Email. If any of these fields are missing, the campaign will display an error. This can be resolved by fixing the form or selecting a different one.

2. This feature only works for affiliate campaign which have 2 tiers or more

While Creating a New Affiliate Campaign

  • Navigate to the last step of the campaign creation/edit process.

  • Click on Additional Settings.

  • Toggle on Sub-Affiliate Sign-Up Page.

  • Select the desired form from the dropdown for sub-affiliate sign-ups.

  • Save the changes by clicking on Finish

Configuring in Global Settings

  • Go to the Affiliate Manager dropdown and click on Settings.
  • In Default Campaign Settings, toggle on Sub-Affiliate Sign-Up Page.
  • Choose the default form for sub-affiliate sign-ups for all future campaigns.

Please Note:

Changes in the default settings will only reflect for future campaigns that will be created. The new settings will not reflect in existing/older campaigns

Affiliate Portal

  • Once configured, affiliates will see a sign-up link in the affiliate portal.
  • Affiliates can share this link to recruit potential sub-affiliates.
  • The portal will display all active sign-up form links and a list of all sub-affiliates under each affiliate.