General Questions

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General Questions

What is a FaQ?

Faqs are frequently asked customer questions that we aim to identify pre or post-release and provide direct answers to the customers. Faqs are required in 2 key areas:
  1. When specific info is missing from the support doc or not mentioned in the right way.
  2. When specific info is spread across multiple docs and folders.

While writing a question, always think in which category your Question falls, and if it is 1. then resolve it at the root level, and if 2. go ahead and add an FaQs.

Make sure to keep Faqs as simple as possible and add redirects to relevant support docs for detailed information

How to Write an FaQ?

  1. The answer text is in normal text format
  2. The question are in "H2" paragraph format
  3. The Heading for a collection of questions are in "H1" paragraph format

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Why does the doc need to be in format?

The correct formating of this doc lets user navigate easily and also helps the support ai bot to breakdown the page into individual questions and use it for its knowledge base

Why cant i do what i previously did, ie add Faqs to my feature document?

Problems to doing what we previously did, having FaQs in the product support doc itself:
  1. They make the documents Long - Documents need to be as short as possible. Breakdown documents into its smallest possible formto provide information on just one specific topic. Remember : Every page is page one
  2. Difficult Navigation - Users or the bot dont know where they will be able to find the FaQs.