The funnel/website builder now boasts a Video Background feature, enabling users to embed engaging video backgrounds into website sections, rows, and columns. This enhancement offers a vibrant and immersive visual journey for viewers.



Video Background Capability: Seamlessly infuse video backgrounds into sections, rows, or columns within the builder. The feature is compatible with HTML5 Standard Video Formats, including MP4 and WebM, ensuring a smooth experience across various browsers and devices.


  • Visual Appeal: Video backgrounds captivate visitors, leaving a lasting impression and amplifying the website's aesthetic allure.
  • Narrative Power: Videos resonate emotionally, narrate compelling stories, and deeply engage viewers. The Video Background feature taps into this potential, allowing users to mesmerize their audience with poignant narratives.
  • Design Versatility: Users gain the flexibility to design their web pages and funnels with full-screen video backgrounds, craft unique layouts with video elements, or spotlight specific content using video backdrops.

How to use:

  • Within the builder, designate the section, row, or column for the video background.

  • Access the settings of the chosen area.
  • Navigate to the "BG Media" option and opt for the "Video" type.
  • Upload or pick a video file in a supported format (MP4 or WebM).
  • Confirm your modifications, and the selected region will showcase the mesmerizing video background.


Q: What formats are supported for the Video Background feature?

A: The Video Background feature supports HTML5 Standard Video Formats, including MP4 and WebM.

Q: How can I integrate a video background into my website or funnel?

A: In the builder, select the desired section, row, or column, access its settings, choose the "Video" type under "BG Media", and then upload or select a video in a supported format.

Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can use the Video Background feature?

A: The feature allows you to add video backgrounds to sections, rows, and columns within the builder.

Q: Is the Video Background feature available in all versions of the builder?

A: The Video Background feature is exclusively available in the new builder.

Q: Why use video backgrounds?

A: Video backgrounds enhance visual impact, improve storytelling, and offer flexible design options, making web pages more engaging and memorable.